Banyuwangi’s 3 Hidden Beaches

1 | Sukamade Beach

(Sarongan Village, Meru Betiri National Park, Pesanggaran)

The sukamade shoreline is a piece of the 8.45 km2coastal swathe that spreads inside the tremendous 580 km2 add up to territory that is the Meru Betiri National Park. It is a critical preservation region, since every night consistently, ocean turtles arrive here from the ocean onto the sandy shoreline to lay their eggs. Even though there are different shorelines inside the Park yet, it appears that the turtles have chosen to make this their turf. The recreation center and the shore are secured all day and all night by stop officers. An exceptional turtle incubation facility is likewise developed to guarantee the wellbeing of the eggs. It’s, in fact, a one of a kind ordeal to have the capacity to see these magnificent animals gradually arrive on shore under the brilliant evening glow and lay many of their valuable eggs. The green turtles for the most part land around 7.30pm and come back to the ocean around midnight. Do remain at the nearby cabin for the night to witness this casual occasion. Toward the beginning of the day, join the recreation center officers to enable the little hatchlings to step into the vast blue sea.


Step by step instructions to arrive:

The sukamade shoreline is around 97 km southwest of Banyuwangi Beaches. You should roll over noisy streets, and cross a couple of streams, an adventure that requires a 4-wheel drive vehicle or expansive SUV worked for rough terrain territory. It will be less demanding to contract a nearby guide who has the needed appropriate transportation. The adventure into Sukamade takes around 3-4 hours. Be that as it may, don’t stress, since you will appreciate the tourist detour that exchanges from extending rice fields and estates, to bluffs and shorelines.

2 | TelukHijau Beach

(Sarongan Village, Meru Betiri National Park, Pesanggaran)

TelukHijau or Green Bay is another enamoring wonder inside the Meru Betiri National Park. Appreciate the stunning perspectives of turquoise water and shoreline of white grains of sand supported by delightful rich green woodland. This is a calm, perfect and serene spot to cover yourself in the sand. A little cascade and a crisp cool stream give a characteristic shower to scrub yourself from the briny water. Some monkeys may seem to welcome you, yet please make sure not to nourish them. Additionally, do read the message on the shoreline at the passageway which says: Do not leave anything other than rather impressions. Try not to take anything besides pictures. How about we keep the earth clean to save its natural appeal.

Instructions to arrive:

To touch base at the edge of the Green Bay shoreline, guests can pick various choices: via coming or via ocean. The land trip requires rough terrain transportation with an experienced guide and driver. The second choice will be to approach the shoreline via the beach.

You can drive towards the Rajegwesi shoreline, and after that proceed on a conventional angling vessel to touch base at the Green Bay shoreline. Ensure you lease an existence vest to protect you on your excursion. There’s likewise a more bold trekking way if you might want to investigate the surroundings before hitting the clear sea green/blue water.

3 | Senggrong Beach

(Purwo National Park)

Senggrong, as local people call it, is otherwise called the Blue Bay or Teluk Banyu Biru. It is loaded with marine life, with bright corals as home to numerous fishes and other peculiar and beautiful ocean animals: a perfect swimming spot to find submerged heaven.

Not all that numerous guests go to these hypnotizing clear waters, due to its remote area. It must become to via ocean ideally you land here between sunrise until twelve, to dodge sudden high tides that ordinarily come in the evenings. You can encounter dawn amidst the sea when you figure out how to leave at around 2 o’clock toward the beginning of the day. The zone is likewise secured by a preservation network, who have promised to spare the submerged supportability. Different exercises of saving this common ponder incorporate transplanting coral reefs.

Step by step instructions to arrive:

Situated in the Muncar locale of Banyuwangi behind the Sembulungan landmass, the island is still inside the limit of the Alas Purwo National Park. Purwo In the Javanese dialect, Alas Purwo indeed signifies “Old Forest.” Key passage to the recreation center is the town of Triangulasi which is around 80 km southeast of Banyuwangi. Before going to, you should get an allow from the national stop office in Banyuwangi. The address is at JlAYani 108, telephone number +62 333 428675, and also to get the best advice for your adventure there.

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